Celebrating Somerville’s Role in July 4

A few years ago when I had just moved to the Prospect Hill neighborhood of Somerville, I was woken up on a crisp January 1 morning to the sounds of drum beats. I looked outside and saw people dressed in colonial-era garb heading toward the Prospect Hill Monument and went outside to follow them. What I found was a celebration of Somerville’s role in our country’s fight for independence.

The event was an annual commemoration of the raising of the Grand Union Flag by George Washington himself on Prospect Hill on January 1, 1776. It happens every year on New Year’s Day and if you’ve never been, I encourage you to go. It’s a terrific community event that’s both educational and fun. (I even purchased the map shown above there this year.)

The tower that now stands at the site is a reminder of the importance of Prospect Hill during the Revolutionary War as a strategic lookout. So today when we celebrate our country’s independence, we can be a little prouder knowing that our fair city was critical in securing the freedoms we enjoy today.

Happy Fourth of July!

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