Crisis Averted: From the Corporate Life to Wellness Coach

From all outward appearances, Mike Iamele was living a charmed life. He was only in his early 20s and he had already established a successful career in public relations in the booming health care sector. But long hours at the office were taking their toll.

“I’m an overachieving perfectionist,” Somerville resident Iamele said of his workaholic ways. Mike Iamele

After years of eating poorly, drinking nightly and spending too much time at work, Iamele was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Increasingly desperate for a way to reverse his rapidly deteriorating health, he read everything he could about the illness. He changed his diet, went to countless medical specialists and eventually got well.

“I went back to PR, but I needed a change,” Iamele said.

So he decided to use the tools he had learned to help others just like himself who were suffering the ill effects of our hectic modern life. Iamele went to nutrition school, became an herbalist and learned Reiki. After practicing wellness coaching part time while wrapping up work at his PR job, he took the leap to full time this year.

Iamele is currently practicing out of his home office on Prospect Hill, but will soon be moving into an office at Cambridge Health Associates. He offers one-on-one or group wellness coaching during which he performs nutrition coaching, art therapy, meditation, stress coaching and more.

“They have to do the work, it gives them the tools they need,” Iamele said of his approach to helping clients. “It’s a blueprint for the life you want.”

In addition to his paid services, Iamele writes a daily blog, which he considers a bit of free coaching.

“It makes me a better person,” Iamele said. “It’s meditative. I look at myself objectively.”

Iamele is also organizing a monthly lecture series for wellness professionals who want to build their business by learning about communications, PR, taxes, finances and more. He hopes to start the workshops in mid-February.

It’s clear from talking to Iamele that his hard-working ways have followed him to his new career. His ultimate dream is to open a clinic in an impoverished area of Boston that puts life back into health care. Iamele sees a large need for holistic health care in the city, where the entrepreneurial spirit has many burning the candle at both ends, often to ill effects. Iamele knows this all too well.

“Boston specifically needs this,” Iamele said. “No one else is doing it. I want to bring the life back into health care.”

Images courtesy of Mike Iamele.

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