Have you seen Pepper?

One day last year I was getting ready for work when I heard a cat crying and when I went out onto our back deck, a little black kitty was sitting by the door. I was worried that he/she was lost and was happy to realize the cat was wearing tags. When I checked them, I found out its name was Pepper and that he had a blog!

Since that first sighting, Pepper has been somewhat of a regular at our house, often popping up a few times in a row before disappearing again for a bit. Pepper is extremely friendly, loves to cuddle and will purr with content when pet. But be forewarned that Pepper may try to get into your house, as he has tried to enter ours several times, though so far, we’ve been able to keep him out!

We love visits from Pepper and often wonder where he’s been when we haven’t seen him for a while. Have you seen Pepper?

Update: It is with sadness that I report Pepper’s death. He will be very missed in our neighborhood. My thoughts go out to his owners.

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  2. Hi. I / my family are Pepper’s legal owners. We are very happy to be able to share such a wonderful critter with the neighborhood. “Owner” to us conveys a bunch more responsibilities than rights in this case! Of course that means we are the ones who worry where he’s been when he’s away for a while. So, we just ask that Pepper lovers do read the blog and get to know the Pepper care guidelines. Especially, do please let us know, via the blog, if you plan to have Pepper stay with you for more than a night. Thanks everyone!

    Eric Fellinger