As a writer, it is rare that I am without words. But watching the coverage of the explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line yesterday left me speechless.

I was down at the finish just hours before the tragedy and the energy, joy and excitement of the crowd and runners were palpable. I got chills watching the elite men and women barrel toward the finish. As a runner, I was newly inspired to commit to training. As a Boston-area resident, I was so proud that our city was showing its best self to the world.

Then I came home to news that the unthinkable had happened. My heart is broken for our city, the runners, the spectators, families, friends and everyone affected. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe. Hold them extra close today.

P.S. The Guardian US asked me and some fellow Bostonians to write about our experience at the Boston Marathon yesterday. You can read my thoughts here.

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