Let Me Give You My Card

I’ll be saying that a lot more now that I’ve got my hands on some shiny new letterpress business cards that were printed right here in Somerville by Mike Dacey of Repeat Press in Fringe Union.

My husband (also named Mike), webmaster extraordinaire, designed the cards and we went down to the Repeat Press studio to select the perfect color and paper earlier this summer. We selected a nice, heavy paper and a brand new color from Pantone (PMS 2225 for the designers out there).

Mike of Repeat Press printed the cards and I picked them up last week. They are even more beautiful than I imagined and I love that they were conceived and printed right here in town. So if you see me around Somerville, ask for one! I’ve got lots to hand out and I always love to meet readers in person.

Big thanks to Mike of Repeat Press and Mike my husband (of Upstatement) for the cards!

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