Somerville’s Bicycle-Powered Businesses

In honor of Bike Week, I wanted to highlight a few Somerville businesses that use bicycles heavily. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of these people and their passion for biking is infectious and inspiring.

Culinary Cruisers: I interviewed Josh Danoff, the man behind Culinary Cruisers, which sells kombucha and popsicles from a bicycle, earlier this year. At the time, his popsicles were just an idea, but he began selling them last weekend at the Somerville Winter Farmers Market with flavors like watermelon blueberry basil and banana with chunks of chocolate. Josh is really passionate about using bicycles, rather than the uber-popular food truck, as a delivery method for his goods.

Metro Pedal Power: Wenzday Jane’s business was born after she began commuting to work on her bike and realized how much she loved the physical and mental health benefits. In addition to Metro Pedal Power, which delivers community-supported agriculture shares and partners with Groundwork Somerville on SoilCycle, she has a garden and a few chickens that she tends.

Taza Chocolate: Metro Pedal Power built the Chococycle for Taza a few years ago and this week, Taza is participating in the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge. This friendly Bike Week competition allows businesses and organizations to sign up to track their team members’ bike commuting miles to see who rides the most.

What other Somerville businesses rely on bicycles? Are you a bike commuter? 

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