Somervillians Show the City Some Love

I’ve interviewed dozens of Somervillians since I started the Beat in May of this year, and every time I do, I ask them, “Why Somerville?” I’ve gotten some terrific answers and as a way to close out 2012 and ring in 2013, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at what the people shaping Somerville have to say about our fair city.

“It’s amazing. It’s very supportive. No one in Somerville is normal. I’m very inspired by everything cropping up in town. I’m really proud of Somerville. It just affirms that I’m in the right place.” Julia Nahmias, Food for the Band

“Somerville’s just in my blood. I never left, even when I lived in other places. I’ve always been a champion for it. Mayor Joe has done a great job of retaining the Somerville-ness.” Melissa Massello, Shoestring Magazine

Emily“People are local-oriented and artistic. It’s a very understanding community. Somerville people are more open to take a chance on something. I’m Somerville through and through. It’s such a good community for someone like me.” Emily Scott, e. scott originals (pictured at right)

“This area is the closest I’ve come to feeling like I’ve lived in a neighborhood since I’ve been here. People here are really invested in this community. People are invested in what’s always made this place great and making it better for future generations.” Caitlin Barry, The Happy Homemade

“Somerville is where we want to be. It’s just a great place to raise kids. It feels like a small town.” Renee Scott, TwoMamas Photography

“There are amazing artists in Somerville. It’s the new mecca. Davis Square is the Paris of Somerville. I really love it, especially having a child.” Eric Bornstein, Behind the Mask

“The whole strip is alive. I want to make some kind of connection to the community. The community seems to be moving in a positive direction. It’s drawing the right people to this neighborhood. I’ve been really lucky in a way because it was kind of a leap of faith.” Rex Connell, The Collector

Heather pudding“Union Square is booming. It’s a tight, exciting community. I think that the types of classes I’m offering fit in with the community of Somerville. The more we all support each other, the more we support Union Square and Somerville. I feel so fortunate to be part of it.” Heather Schmidt, City Chicks/Homemade Modern (pictured at right)

“Every square in Somerville has turned around. It’s cool to be a part of something that’s happening. There’s all these really cool people doing all these interesting, cool, innovative businesses. I’m excited to be in this world.” Dimitra Tsourianis, Daddy Jones

“I’m really proud of my city. It’s really progressive about a lot of stuff.” Khrysti Smyth, Yardbirds Backyard Chickens

“Everyday we’re just amazed at how awesome the community is here. We couldn’t imagine a more supportive community. It’s a city, but it’s small and so artistic.” Rose Mattos, Forêt Bespoke Floral & Installation Design

“I love when things are happening in Somerville. People who live here know how awesome it is. It’s a special place. Somerville is definitely home.” Erin Heath, Forêt Bespoke Floral & Installation Design

“As far as I’m concerned, Somerville needs to annex itself from Boston and get it over with. Somerville is nothing like Boston. It’s palatially urban. There’s a reason why chefs are flocking here, why food is booming here. Somerville is largely about local businesses. Somerville feels right now like a very hip town, it has the making to be the hippest town in the Northeast. It’s a wonderful model of a city for the future.” Amy Douglas, SPF 5000


SPF 5000: Amy Douglas, Rob Phillips and Daymeyn Gantt

“I felt an immediate shift when I moved here. It feels like a neighborhood, there’s a good mix of families and young people. There’s a more hip crowd than elsewhere in the city. The pace is slower and the people are friendlier.” Rob Phillips, SPF 5000

“I’m a ‘burb boy, but I love the city. Here you get out quickly. I work in downtown Boston and as soon as I’m done with my day, I get to come back. The stress melts away.” Daymeyn Gantt, SPF 5000

“I’ve really just fallen in love with Davis Square.” Felisha Foster, Spoke Wine Bar

“We chose Union Square because while it’s hopping now, it wasn’t always. We looked at the assets of Union and one of the assets we saw was cultural diversity and food. It’s still got some grit, which I think keeps things interesting. And it’s also like taking a vicarious trip around the globe.” Rachel Strutt, program manager at the Somerville Arts Council, on the Nibble cookbook

Courtney“Open Studios is probably the biggest bonus to living in Somerville. I’ve done it every year since I started [making art]. One of the things I love about Somerville is that Somerville has a more diverse community age-wise. There are older, established artists in Somerville, which is great.” Courtney Chelo, Closer to the Ocean (pictured at right)

“We ended up in Somerville out of chance. But we wanted to stay in the community. I just like it here. People seem really engaged in what we do here [at Green City Growers] and in general.” Jessie Banhazl, Green City Growers

“There’s such a trend going on now. Food is just going nuts in Somerville. It’s a good place, it’s up and coming.” Jeremy Spindler, Spindler Confections

“Somerville to me is a city of constant innovation. People are always doing something new and interesting. There’s a wealth of education and diverse thinking all over the city. … Craft brewing fits really well into that way of thinking. It’s a natural fit. It was only a matter of time until a few home-brewers turned it into something bigger than their kitchen.” Michael Oxton, Night Shift Brewing

“Somerville has really changed. I’m almost 40 years old, so when I grew up here, Somerville was a very different place. [Now] Somerville is kind of cool.” Michael Dulock, M.F. Dulock Pasture-Raised Meats

“It’s a paradise of quirky nerds.” Max Jackson, Rogue Pedicab

Why do you live in–and love–Somerville?

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