Why You Love Somerville & Harvest Fest Ticket Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Meghan Zaremba on winning two tickets to Somerville Local First’s 5th Annual Harvest Fest! Meghan said she loves Somerville because “I like to tell folks new to Somerville that we’ll throw a festival for pretty much anything. We love to celebrate!”

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway–reading your comments about why you love Somerville was so heart-warming that I wanted everyone to win. Since that’s not possible, I urge you to buy tickets to Harvest Fest on October 19 at the Armory to enjoy what is sure to be a really fun day and support an awesome organization that’s a huge reason Somerville is the place we all want to be.

I enjoyed your comments about why you love Somerville so much that I wanted to share them with all the Beat readers by publishing them here. Thanks again for participating!

HarvestFestPoster“Honk Festival is just one of the reasons I LOVE this small city!”–Christine

“I love Olde Magoun’s Saloon. Great neighborhood and food.”–Graham

“All the events like HONK, the Fluff Festival, etc, and also especially the *winter* farmers’ market! It’s so nice to still be able to shop at a farmers’ market in the off-season. (And actually … in the summer, the Davis Sq market is my favorite one.)”–Allison

“Harvest time of the year!”–Jen

“Everything about Davis Square, from the Somerville Theatre to Johnny D’s!”–Kim

“The diversity and hearing so many languages while at Market Basket, or on the street is incredible! Just one reason to love Somerville.”–Rebecca

“There are so many hidden green spaces that are tucked away–small parks, gardens. It’s always nice to stumble upon one. And Union Square has so many different food options within a block! Mexican, Italian, tapas, Peruvian … Best little neighborhood. I went to the Farmer’s Market the other weekend and was introduced to Relish by way of a little sign. It was awesome.”–Katie

“How do I pick just one thing I love about Somerville? The great food, the festivals and events, the squares? I guess I might have to go with the local beers (mmm, Pretty Things and Slumbrew!) because I can bring them with me to share with people in other towns and cities.”–Dan

“I love Somerville because it’s a community where many of us want to be involved in many different ways (arts, schools, development, &c.) to make our city even more amazing.”–Mervett

“I moved to Union Square 15 years ago because I didn’t want to be an anonymous city dweller anymore. I wanted to find a place that felt like a real neighborhood–with the mix of elders, children, and all ranges of adults that I’d grown up with as a child, and with neighbors who knew each other and looked out for each other. I haven’t been disappointed.

“I loved Somerville and my now-hip neighborhood long before it got cool to do so. I loved the walk ability and convenience, the ability to get to my grocery store, doctor’s office, bank, vet and local dining out all on foot. I loved the beautiful green space and neighborhood historical treasure that is the Prospect Hill Tower. I loved the diversity of stores and restaurants and people and languages that were a part of my neighborhood every day. And while Union Square (and Somerville more broadly) are wrestling with the challenges of growth and change, I still see many of these things present and celebrated in my city.

“Most of all, I love being a citizen here in Somerville. I’ve come to truly embrace what that word means–being an active, engaged participant in the decision-making about my community–through living here, and I am thankful for many wonderful public officials and civil servants who facilitate and welcome my participation. I don’t always agree with them or with my fellow citizens about what should be done in the city, but I always feel that there is room for input and lively debate, and I feel honored to contribute to shaping the future of this wonderful place.”–Brandy

“I like to tell folks new to Somerville that we’ll throw a festival for pretty much anything. We love to celebrate!”–Meghan

“I love Somerville because of all of the wonderful events going on all of the time. My favorites are definitely the Fluff Festival and Harvest Fest! I also love the restaurants. Lately my favorites have included Daddy Jones, Highland Kitchen, and Olde Magoun’s Saloon!”–Keri

“I heart Somerville for many reasons, just a few are all the great events, I do have to say Harvest Fest is my favorite, I have fun every year! The first year was a crazy bargain with unlimited food but they have improved it every year! I also love the 5K races, Jingle Bell and the Ras.”–Melissa

“On a cold winter morning when I bundle up and bike to the Armory for the farmer’s market, listen to a bluegrass band or perhaps a brass band that covers pop songs. I run into 6 people I know, buy a cider doughnut and try some Taza chocolate, and learn about the Somerville events coming up over the next month.”–Shoshana

“I love Somerville because there is always something going on! Right now I love the “Play Me, I’m Yours” piano installation at Davis Square. I don’t play the piano, but I wish I did! It’s really fun to see someone just come up and play something and someone decide to sing along.”–Nora

“The best thing about Somerville that my stomach is always happy. Great food and beer are always just a short walk away. And the single best menu item is found at Highland Kitchen. Mozzarella and ricotta fritters!”–Skissel

“I love Somerville for so many reasons! Some of them are: Somerville Theater, JP Licks, Harvest Fest, the bike path, and the various 5Ks (Gobble Gobble, Jingle Bell Run).”–Angie

“Why do I love Somerville? All of the community-fostering events: Harvest Fest, ’80s Prom, Honk, SomerStreets, all of the road races, etc. When you live in Somerville, you’re part of a community, and people are genuinely proud to live here and support their neighbors.”–Matt

“I love Conway Park … sprinklers in the summer and Little League!”–Elise

“One of the reasons why I love Somerville is the bike path–bike, run, or walk, the view is always changing (especially now with the fall foliage!)”–Elyssa

“So many reasons I love Somerville! I love the fact that there’s always something going on; I can leave the house on a Saturday or Sunday and encounter countless people I know as well as formal and informal happenings. The Davis Flea! The community path! The amazing community of young families with new babies! XO SOMERVILLE”–Emily

“I could list all the reasons why I fell in love with Somerville, but then we’d be reading a novel! From the amazing local shopping I can do every Sunday at the Davis Flea to the Thursday farmer’s market that’s open late enough for me to do some after-work grocery hunting, to the friendly faces I meet handing me the Metro in Porter or a coffee at Diesel–this is a place filled with people who are driven to create, and grow, and support each other, and celebrate the lives we’re all building in this little few-mile area. It’s beautiful, and unlike anywhere else I’ve ever lived.”–Erika

“I love Somerville because of its ability to innovate!”–Andrew

“I love that my neighborhood is full of kids playing street hockey all day, and at night it’s full of adults eating delicious food and drinks made by the friendliest bartenders at Spoke, the Saloon and Foundry! I also love that the cinema 5 walking minutes from my house serves local pints!”–Ashleigh

“I love Somerville because of its innovation in addressing community needs, concerns and more. I love Somerville for organizations like Teen Empowerment that work to address important community issues and ensure that the youth voice is included.”–Jaime

“Because there are 4 restaurants I can walk 5 minutes to the corner for Sunday brunch.”–Randomhookup

“The lovely variety of events, restaurants, cafes, etc is why I love Somerville.”–Evangeline

“I love Somerville because it’s the first place in Mass that has felt like HOME since moving here 2 years ago from Seattle, WA … plus, all the food, coffee, and bars!”–Ashley

“We moved to Somerville five years ago, and we love it more everyday. Union Square is the absolute best neighborhood–from the Saturday farmer’s market to the excellent local shops, and of course the restaurants. Finally discovered what a gem Ebi Sushi is, too! So happy to call Somerville home.”–Sara

“I love Somerville cause there is always something going on. It’s all about being involved with the city you live in.”–Amy

“I love my backyard garden. Oh, and Mamma Lisa’s! Ooh, and SomerStreets. And the 4th of July fireworks that aren’t anywhere near the 4th of July.”–Ariel

“I love walking to the farmers’ market every Saturday morning and buying local products.”–Joyce

“I LOVE my amazing local breakfast place, Rustica! They treat me like an old friend every time I come in. I love how every time I try a new restaurant, it seems like another new one opens that I need to try too. I love biking to work and smelling seafood and garlic as I pass through Inman. And I love, love the interesting characters I meet on the 87 bus, who are like a weird, sometimes smelly family to me.”–Kim

“There is always something going on in this city- we’ve had fire-breathers, horse dancing, fluff, activist bands galore, etc. The diversity here is incredible- I can get the most authentic and delicious cuisines from around the world, because we’re an immigrant hub and that makes us special. We’ve got college students, young parents, and families who have been here for generations. Not to mention a rocking university, at least FOUR farmers markets I can name off the top of my head, and some of the best coffee shops around. Yeah, I think we’re doing alright. Rock on Somerville!”–Rebeccah

“I love the community of Somerville! From walking dogs on the community path, to hanging out in Davis Square and eating ice-cream while listening to live music, to playing trivia at Mikes, this place is great!”–Andrew

“Because my kids get to embrace the new Somerville and preserve where it came from.”–Anthony

P.S. Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest! And remember, if you didn’t win there’s still time to buy tickets to Harvest Fest on October 19 at the Arts at the Armory (191 Highland Ave.) to enjoy an afternoon or evening of craft beer, local food and live music to support a great cause. I hope to see you all there!

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