2015 Guide to CSAs in Somerville and Cambridge

Note: I retired the Beat in the summer of 2015, so this post is no longer being updated and may contain incorrect information. Please check with the individual farms for 2016 details.

We may be living in a snow globe right now, but someday we will see bare ground again. And when we do, it’ll be CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) season. The time to sign up for a farm share is now, so here’s our annual guide to the programs available in Somerville (and some in Cambridge). Please leave a comment if you know of another CSA with local pick-up or delivery that I missed and I’ll add it to the post. Think spring!

SS EnterpriseBrookfield Farm

Grows produce for the Pioneer Valley and Greater Boston using environmentally sustainable, biodynamic growing techniques in Amherst.

Season: Summer (June until Thanksgiving)
Size: One size (14 pounds on average)
Price: $555
Pick-up locations: Cambridge and Arlington pick-up locations and delivery by Somerville-based Metro Pedal Power available.

Enterprise Farm

Has been growing certified organic vegetables on 80 acres in Whately, Northampton and Hatfield since 1983.

Season: Summer (June to November)
Size: Small, medium or large
Price: $400-$925
Pick-up locations: Davis Square and at Tufts University; Cambridge pick-up locations and delivery by Somerville-based Metro Pedal Power also available.

Farmer Dave’s

About 95% of the crops from this Dracut farm are synthetic-spray free and while most CSAs are pre-boxed for you, Farmer Dave’s allows you to choose your own produce at some pick-up locations.

Season: Spring, fall, fruit and vegetable shares
Size: Small (feeds one to two people) or regular (feeds two to four people)
Price: $275 to $640
Pick-up locations: Architectural Openings parking lot (16 Garfield Ave.), Connexion UMC (149 Broadway) or Metro Pedal Power (11 Olive Square). Cambridge pick-up and delivery through Metro Pedal Power also available.

First Root Farm

Based in Concord, First Root Farm has grown to 4.5 acres in just a few years, employs sustainable growing practices and offers a choice-based CSA.

Season: Summer (June to October), back-t0-school (September-October), November and flower shares
Size: Small (feeds one to two people) or full (feeds two to four people)
Price: $90-$675 (you can also work on the farm for your share)
Pick-up location: Davis Square

Freedom Food Farm

Entering its third season in Raynham, Freedom Food Farm uses biodynamic principles to bring healthy food to local communities.

Season: Spring (mid-March to mid-June), summer (mid-June to late September), fall (late September to late December), winter (late December to late March), egg and meat shares
Size: small, medium and large veggie, egg and meat shares
Price: $40-$1,020
Pick-up location: Spring Hill in Somerville and the Somerville Winter Farmers Market.

Gorgeous eggs from Misty Brook Farm.

Heirloom Harvest

A certified organic community supported agriculture program based in Westborough.

Season: early June to mid- to late-October
Size: One size
Price: $650 (can be paid in installments and workshares are available; all CSA purchasers are required to work on the farm for seven hours during the season)
Pick-up location: Porter Square, Cambridge (at a member’s house)

Lilac Hedge Farm

Based in Berlin, Lilac Hedge Farm offers shares of sustainably raised meats (no antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones).

Season: Year-round in six-month sessions with entry points in March, June, September and December
Size: 10 pounds and up
Price: $540-$1,236 (more for 25-plus pounds)
Pick-up location: Arts at the Armory in Somerville (during the Winter Farmers Market). Cambridge pick-up and home delivery through Metro Pedal Power also available.

Parker Farm

Founded in 1990 in Lunenburg, most crops are grown chemical-free and no GMO crops are grown at the farm.

Season: Starts the first week of June and runs for 20 weeks
Size: Small (feeds one to three people) or large (feeds three to five people)
Price: $425 or $600
Somerville pick-up location: Davis Square and Porter Square; pick-up is also available in Central Square.

Picadilly Farm

The farm produces certified organic fruits and vegetables in Winchester, New Hampshire, in the Connecticut River Valley.

Season: June through mid-November (about 23 weeks)
Size: One size (feeds two to four people)
Price: $690
Pick-up location: North Cambridge

Red Fire Farm

A certified organic farm since 2011 located in Granby.

Season: Deep winter and spring (January-March), summer (June-October), summer and fall (June-December), fruit, egg and flower shares
Size: One size (feeds two to four people)
Price: from $110-$822 (some on a sliding scale, paying more subsidizes low-income members)
Pick-up location: Somerville Growing Center (22 Vinal Ave.), Metro Pedal Power (11 Olive Square) and Somerville Whole Foods (45 Beacon St.). Cambridge pick-up locations and delivery through Metro Pedal Power are also available.

USFM strawberries

Siena Farms

Owned by Chris Kurth, husband of Ana Sortun (the chef behind Sofra Bakery and Oleana in Cambridge and Sarma in Somerville), Siena Farms is a 75-acre farm in Sudbury.

Season: Spring (mid-March to June), summer (June through August), autumn (late August through mid-November), deep-winter (December to March), multi-season and multi-year. Kids’, sunflower, tomato lover’s and sweet corn & fruit shares also available.
Size: One size
Price: $600 ($1,100-$6,000 for multi-season and multi-year shares; $250-$400 for other shares)
Pick-up location: Forge Baking Company (626 Somerville Ave.). Cambridge pick-up locations and delivery through Metro Pedal Power also available.

The Food Project

Sustainably, locally grown produce, cared for and harvested by teenage youth from diverse backgrounds from the Greater Boston region.

Season: Summer (June through October)
Size: five to 20 pounds of produce per week
Price: $500
Pick-up location: Somerville and Cambridge pick-up locations.

The Farm School

A certified organic farm in Athol that is also a nationally recognized training program for new farmers.

Season: Summer (June through October)
Size: Full-sized boxed share for delivery; small or full-size market share for pick-up
Price: $635 (plus $178.50 delivery fee); $410 or $635 for pick-up
Pick-up location: Iggy’s in Cambridge and home delivery through Metro Pedal Power.

World PEAS

Combines local, sustainably grown produce from beginning, immigrant and refugee farmers in Eastern Massachusetts, in addition to locally grown sweet corn, berries and tree fruit from other established local farms. World PEAS works to increase farm incomes for limited-resource farmers by connecting them to eaters in the greater Boston area.

Season: Summer share (June to October, fall/harvest share (September and October and egg share (June to October)
Size: Small (feeds one to two people), large (feeds four or five people), fall/harvest (feeds one to two people) or egg (half-dozen per week)
Price: $90 to $945 (workshares and FAIR shares available)
Pick-up location: Various locations in Cambridge and at Tufts in Medford.

Other Options

Something Gud: This Somerville-based grocery delivery service rounds up the best in local food (produce, yogurt, eggs, fish, meat, etc.) and brings it right to your door.

Boston Organics: While not a true CSA, many people have recommended subscribing to Boston Organics, which delivers fresh, organic produce (and other food items).

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