Somerville Summer: Snag a Scoop of Ice Cream

One of the most classic summer activities is getting a big ice cream cone on a hot day and savoring each bite before it melts. Here are some spots to snag a scoop in Somerville:

Christina’s at Q’s Nuts: One of my favorite places to get ice cream is Christina’s across the border in Cambridge, but you can also get your fix at Q’s Nuts (349 Highland Ave.) in Somerville.

Gracie’s Ice Cream: For years I’ve heard Somervillians lament the lack of ice cream in Union Square, but now there’s reason to rejoice. Gracie’s Ice Cream (22 Union Square) has opened in the former Sherman Market space and is serving up scoops of flavors like chocolate Fluff, cold brew coffee and even Grape-Nut.

iYo Cafe: It seems like frozen yogurt shops are springing up faster than weeds in mid-summer and iYo (234 Elm St.) is Davis Square’s locally owned version of this trend. In addition to iYo’s fun fro-yo flavors, the shop also brews coffee and espresso drinks and sells pastries, sandwiches and a variety of other foods.

Assembly Row J.P. Licks

J.P. Licks: A giant in the local ice cream scene, J.P. Licks now has two Somerville locations. The original is in Davis Square (4 College Ave.) and now you can also visit the shop at 611 Assembly Row. From traditional and seasonal hard ice cream flavors to soft and hard frozen yogurt and even lactose-free offerings, J.P. Licks has it all. You can also feast on one of our favorite frozen treats–an affogato–vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso at the shop.

Louie’s Ice Cream: Located in East Somerville, Louie’s (193 Broadway) is a classic, old-fashioned scoop shop with a plethora of offerings. Open seasonally, Louie’s has got everything from sundaes to sherbet in addition to traditional hard and soft ice cream in a variety of flavors.

Orange Leaf: Though it’s a chain, the staff at Orange Leaf (256 Elm St.) is friendly and the fro-yo is delicious (none of that fake flavor that you so often find). I’m partial to the peanut butter, but the coconut, oatmeal cookie and classic tart are also excellent. And don’t forget the extensive toppings bar where you can add candy, fruit, cereal and other tasty bits to your creation.

Tipping Cow, a new vendor at the Union Square Farmers Market, sells unique ice cream flavors.

Pinkberry: The chain that kicked off the fro-yo craze, Pinkberry, opened in Davis Square (263 Elm St.)  last year. The shop features classic and seasonal frozen yogurt flavors that can be capped with a variety of toppings. Update 9/16/14: It appears that the Davis Square Pinkberry has closed for the time being and possibly permanently.

Scoop N Scootery: This brand new ice cream truck not only parks at various locations around Somerville every day of the week, it will also deliver ice cream, frozen yogurt and sundaes right to your door! Scoop N Scootery sources its frozen treats from Richardson’s in Middleton (a really fun summer destination), has no minimum and no delivery charge.

Tipping Cow Ice Cream: New to the Union Square Farmers Market, the Davis Square Farmers Market and the Somerville Winter Farmers Market this year is Tipping Cow Ice Cream from Medford. Tipping Cow sells pints or four-ounce servings of its ice creams, which come in flavors like dark chocolate and sea salt, ginger berry and sweet corn.

What’s your favorite place to get ice cream in Somerville? 

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  1. I thought the Richardson’s at the Somerville Theatre closed?

    Mmm IceCream