A Guide to CSAs in Somerville & Cambridge

In January, I asked you to fill out a survey about what you’d like to read about on the Beat in 2013 and I thank everyone who took the time to respond! One of the suggestions was to publish a guide to CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) programs available locally. I polled Twitter and Facebook and did some of my own research to find the farms that have local pick-up or delivery. If you know of another CSA in the area, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the post!

Enterprise Farm

Has been growing certified organic vegetables on 80 acres in Whately, Northampton and Hatfield since 1983.

Season: Summer (June-November), fall (September-November) and winter (late November-early May), Tufts academic shares or year-round shares
Size: Small (feeds one to two people) or large (feeds four people)
Price: $220 to $1,650
Pick-up locations: Kickass Cupcakes (378 Highland Ave.) and Office of Sustainability, Miller Hall near 193 Curtis St., Medford for Tufts students, faculty and staff. Cambridge pick-up locations also available.

SS Enterprise

Farmer Dave’s

About 95% of the crops from this Dracut farm are synthetic-spray free and while most CSAs are pre-boxed for you, Farmer Dave’s allows you to choose your own produce at some pick-up locations.

Season: Spring, fall, fruit or vegetable shares
Size: Small (feeds one to two people) or large (feeds two to five people)
Price: $250 to $430
Pick-up locations: Architectural Openings parking lot (16 Garfield Ave.), Cross Street Senior Lobby Center (165 Broadway) or Metro Pedal Power (11 Olive Square). Metro Pedal Power can also deliver your share directly to your house.

First Root Farm

Based in Concord near Minuteman National Historic Park, the farm has grown from one acre to 2.5 in just a few years.

Season: Regular (June-October), extended (June-November), flower and winter bulk shares
Size: One size (feeds two adults to a small family)
Price: $120-$750 (you can also work on the farm for your share)
Pick-up location: Davis Square

Davis Eggs

Heirloom Harvest

A certified organic community supported agriculture program based in Westborough.

Season: early June to mid- to late-October
Size: One size
Price: $650 (can be paid in installments)
Pick-up location: Porter Square (at a member’s house)

Parker Farm

Founded in 1990 in Lunenburg, most crops are grown chemical-free and no GMO crops are grown at the farm.

Season: Starts the first week of June and runs for 20 weeks
Size: Small (feeds one to three people) or large (feeds three to five people)
Price: $425 or $600
Somerville pick-up location: Davis Square (14 James St.). Pick-up is also available in Central and Porter Squares.


Picadilly Farm

The farm produces certified organic fruits and vegetables in Winchster, New Hampshire, in the Connecticut River Valley.

Season: June through mid-November (about 23 weeks)
Size: One size (feeds two to four people)
Price: $670
Pick-up location: North Cambridge

Red Fire Farm

A certified organic farm since 2011 located in Granby.

Season: Full season (June 3-December 16), main season (June 3-October 14), egg share (must be purchased with produce share, 20 or 24 weeks), flower share, fruit share, deep winter CSA (January, February and March)
Size: One size (feeds two to four people)
Price: from $68-$725 (some on a sliding scale, paying more subsidizes low-income members)
Pick-up location: Somerville Growing Center (22 Vinal Ave.) and Metro Pedal Power (11 Olive Square). Cambridge pick-up locations and home delivery through Metro Pedal Power are also available.

Winter Farmers Market Apples

The Kitchen Garden

The Sunderland farm uses many organic growing practices, but is not technically certified organic.

Season: Summer share (June to October, 20 weeks) or winter share (late October through May, 14 pick-ups), egg share, flower share or fruit share
Size: One size (feeds two adults)
Price: $400 (add-on shares are less)
Pick-up location: Clover Food Lab (7 Holyoke St., Harvard Square) or The Democracy Center (45 Mt. Auburn St., Harvard Square)

World PEAS

Combines the produce from several small farms that would not otherwise be able to participate in CSA programs.

Season: Summer share (June to October, 20 weeks), fall/academic share (September and October, 8 weeks)
Size: Small (feeds two people), large (feeds four or five people) or harvest bounty (feeds four or five and includes eggs, flowers and home delivery)
Price: $225 to $2,000
Pick-up location: Orchard Street in Porter Square, Fairfield Street in Cambridge and Office of Sustainability, Miller Hall near 193 Curtis St., Medford. Many other pick-up locations available in the greater Boston area.

Additional Information

Metro Pedal Power Delivery: Somerville’s Metro Pedal Power (11 Olive Square) also delivers a variety of CSAs (some listed above) right to your door.

Boston Organics: A few people recommended Boston Organics, which isn’t a true CSA, but does deliver fresh, organic produce (and other food items) to your door.

Do you have a CSA in Somerville or Cambridge? Tell us about your experience in the comments. And thanks again to everyone who responded to my request for local CSA recommendations!

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