Ebi Sushi’s Fresh Take on Japanese Fare

For years when I wanted sushi my go-to place to get it was at the Porter Exchange, but after dining at Ebi Sushi in Union Square, I’ll no longer be venturing to Cambridge to get my fix. Few restaurants have been recommended to me as often or by a more diverse group of people than Ebi, so my expectations were pretty high. And I’m happy to report that they were not only met but exceeded during my recent meal.

While Ebi’s facade might not be anything to write home about (which the owner is actually trying to improve right now), much like Sweet Ginger Thai around the corner, it’s what’s found inside that counts.

We started the meal with warm sake and a Sapporo and the seaweed salad. I love seaweed salad and Ebi’s was the perfect start to a meal–with a light, refreshing flavor and texture.

Ebi Sushi Inside

Ebi’s menu is extensive, featuring dishes like teriyakis, soups and tempuras, but we focused our dinner on the sushi offerings. Fresh-prepared sushi takes time to craft, but the wait is worth it when the rolls are as big and creative as Ebi’s. My personal favorite was the vegetarian house roll (sweet potato tempura, cucumber, avocado, eel sauce and spicy mayo), which was perfectly balanced in both texture and flavor.

The sweet potato maki with cucumber and spicy tuna with cucumber rolls were a study in perfectly paired contrasts. The crispy tempura was a great foil to the soft rice, while the crispy cucumber was excellent with the tender tuna. And the rainbow roll featured incredibly fresh fish on top of little pillows of expertly cooked rice.

As mentioned above, Ebi is currently trying to raise funds to improve its facade. I hope the project gets funded so people passing by will be more likely to stop in to dine at this delightful hidden gem.

Updated 4/8/14: Ebi Sushi’s facade has been updated and looks great! The space is much brighter and more open and was packed on a recent Friday night. And best of all, the sushi was just as delicious as before.

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