Farmers Market Meals: Cozy Bread & Soup

I love all of the farmers markets in Somerville and try to go every week to buy local produce, pasta, bread, cheese, sweet treats, fish and more. But all of those piles of raw vegetables can be intimidating, especially this time of year when potatoes, squash and lots of roots are in season.

I recently made two absolutely delicious recipes with food purchased at the Winter Farmers Market that I thought I’d share here in case you’re looking for a little kitchen inspiration. I know I always want to cook a lot this time of year and both of these dishes are cozy and comforting, perfect for a chilly winter day.

Butternut Squash BreadRoasted Butternut Squash Quick Bread: This may sound weird, but it’s absolutely delicious and healthy to boot! With a big squash from the market, it was full of flavor and perfect for breakfast, a snack or paired with a bowl of soup. I had recently picked up some fresh cranberries (which have been making appearances at the market lately), so I chopped some up (perhaps a half a cup) and tossed them in. The tartness played perfectly with the light sweetness of the bread, but it’s delicious without them too!

Gingered Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup: I love sweet potatoes. They’re one of my favorite foods and I’d probably eat them every day if I could. I also love ginger and coconut milk, so this recipe was right up my alley. It was incredibly creamy and flavorful the day I made it, but it was even better as leftovers for lunch. Pair it with some good bread (Dan’s Brick Oven Bread is perfect and you can find him upstairs at the Winter Farmers Market) and you’ve got yourself a tasty, warm, healthy winter meal.

If you missed it when I published the recipe in October, this Roasted Butternut Squash Soup is one of my favorite cool-weather dishes that’s so simple, so delicious and so healthy. And you can get nearly everything you need to make it at the market. Happy cooking … and eating!

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