Forge Baking Co. Offers a Fresh Take on Cafes

I’ve been a huge fan of Bloc 11 in Union Square and Diesel Cafe in Davis Square for a long time, having eaten many meals there over the years. So when it was announced that the folks behind two of my favorite Somerville cafes were opening a new spot, I couldn’t wait to check it out. And after visiting Forge Baking Company (626A Somerville Ave.) a few times, I can safely say that my (high) expectations for this new spot have been exceeded.

Forge may be located in an unassuming shopping center on Somerville Ave. between Porter Square and Union, but the restaurant’s inside is bright and airy. With a variety of seating options at the front and back of the cafe, there’s plenty of room to sit down and enjoy your meal.

Forge lunch

Open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. daily, Forge serves breakfast, lunch or dinner alongside its many baked goods and breads. You can start your day with sweet or savory grits, an egg sandwich or toast plate featuring housemade bread.

As with Bloc 11 and Diesel, Forge offers a variety of sandwiches that will please both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. From the Atlas (Fiore di Nonno’s burrata, kale broccolini pesto, roasted onions, balsamic glazed figs on a baguette) to the Firehouse 1 (slow-roasted pork or tofu, kimchi, cilantro, pickled carrot, avocado and miso dressing), you can’t go wrong. The toppings are fresh and flavorful and Forge’s bread is truly top-notch.

Hearty salads like the Notch 8, a grain bowl featuring assorted chopped vegetables and a choice of chicken salad, pork or slow-roasted tofu with miso dressing, house-made soups and smaller bites like fresh spring rolls or a yogurt parfait round out the menu.

Forge inside restaurant

As the name implies, Forge is a baking company in addition to being a cafe. In the baked goods section, you’ll find treats like sweet and savory pop tarts, small cakes, cookies, mini-quiches, macaroons and much more.

Forge’s focus on hand-crafted, fresh food translates well to its beverage menu. In addition to the usual coffee beverages, the cafe also offers horchatas, espresso egg creams and cardamom lattes. The mint limeades, housemade sodas and raspberry lime rickeys offer a refreshing choice.

Forge feels like the perfect addition to the Somerville cafe scene. Its unique offerings are complimentary to what’s already here and I love to see often overlooked areas of the city getting attention when new businesses move in. A trip to Forge truly feels like a breath of fresh (delicious-smelling) air.

Have you visited Forge Baking Company? What did you think?

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