Local Grocery Delivery Service Makes it Easy to do Something Gud

Like many people who spend their working days tied to a computer, Colin Davis yearned for a career rooted in the real world. He had spent years working in the energy engineering/consulting space launching kWhOURS, a software company that helps others track and manage their energy efficiency, but it was time for a change.

“I decided I wanted to do something more tangible,” said Davis. “I always liked the idea of making it easy for people to make good decisions. People are good, but they are creatures of habit.”

Something Gud delivery inside

With that in mind, Davis decided to root his business in one thing that everyone needs several times a day: food. So he launched Something Gud, which delivers local groceries to your doorstep, out of the shared incubator space at Kitchen Inc. (201 Somerville Ave.) earlier this year.

“One thing everyone can relate viscerally to is food,” Davis said. “Distance in all its forms decreases our ability to act humanely. If you make people feel less distance and more connected, they will make better decisions.”

At its most basic, Something Gud is a grocery delivery service. But it doesn’t just deliver any old products. Everything in the Something Gud packages has been carefully vetted to meet the company’s exacting standards. Think of it like getting your favorite farmers market products sent straight to your door.

Most important is whether the food was grown or caught locally. If that’s not possible, then Something Gud tries to source the item from a local producer (like sweets from Taza Chocolate). This ensures that all of the products are good for farms and food producers, good for the earth and good for the people purchasing them.

“We want to make everyone feel like a hero for buying their groceries,” Davis said.

Taza Store

Something Gud offers a wide variety of packages for delivery, with new products being added all the time. You can get everything from a seasonal fruit selection or an egg share to fresh bread or locally made pasta, yogurt and juice. There’s no long-term obligation, the shares are highly customizable and delivery is available all over the greater Boston area.

“We want to deliver real food,” Davis said. He added that people young and old from as far away as Newburyport and Quincy have been ordering the shares. Many are repeat customers and often refer others.

As Something Gud expanded this year, it began to outgrow its space at Kitchen Inc. An opportunity recently arose to move to a larger location near the Artisan’s Asylum/Brooklyn Boulders Somerville that offers more flexibility and potential for collaboration. The details are still being firmed up, but Davis hopes to include room for retail and a community space.

Whatever the future holds, it’s clear that Davis will be continuing his mission of helping people do good.

“It’s a theme I’m guessing I’ll stick with for the rest of my life,” he said.

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