New Food Truck Brings the Bacon Home to Somerville

Like many recent college graduates, Sam Williams and JJ Frosk weren’t sure what they wanted to do with their lives. Friends since they went to high school together in New Jersey, they had often talked about opening some sort of restaurant, preferably one that sold primarily bacon. So when Williams, who attended Northeastern, suggested a food truck, Frosk decided to join his friend in Boston.

“We worked on a couple of trucks and learned the ropes,” Frosk said. “It was really important for us to do that, to see what works and what doesn’t.”

With some experience in the food truck industry under their belts, Frosk and Williams set about finding a kitchen space in which to work on their venture, The Bacon Truck. Frosk, who lives in Central Square, stumbled upon Kitchen Inc. (201 Somerville Ave.) and found the perfect location to build their budding business.

“It’s been good,” Frosk said of working in the shared space. “The business model for Kitchen Inc. is that it’s an incubator and that’s what it’s been” for us.

The Bacon Truck Bacon

With kitchen space secured and a truck locked down (Frosk and Williams purchased the former Staff Meal vehicle), they set about sourcing high-quality bacon. Williams and Frosk were having trouble finding the right bacon until an article appeared about them and they got a call from Boston Brisket Company.

“It’s the only bacon maker we know of in the city,” Frosk said. “It’s good quality belly. ”

Frosk would know. Since The Bacon Truck launched at the SoWa market earlier this fall, the guys have gone through 80 pounds of bacon a day. It’s used on sandwiches like the turkey club, which has been recognized as one of the top plates of bacon in the city by, in sides like the potato salad and in desserts like Nutella-covered bacon.

“I’ve always wanted to do something with bacon,” Frosk said. “There’s just something about it.”

The Bacon Truck Sandwich

So far, the response to the truck has been overwhelmingly positive. After The Bacon Truck’s soft launch a few weeks ago, its Facebook “Likes” shot up. That bodes well for Williams and Frosk, who plan to apply for one of Boston’s food truck permits this December, which will allow them to open regularly at locations around the city.

And while expanding their hours means Williams and Frosk will need to call in reinforcements in the form of employees, they plan to stay closely connected to the day-to-day food truck operations.

“All of the successful trucks, the owners work on the trucks,” Frosk said. “We’re looking to be one of the best trucks in the city.”

And while The Bacon Truck may someday have a brick-and-mortar location, as many of the city’s most popular trucks do or soon will, right now Frosk and Williams are just excited about what they’ve accomplished so far.

“It’s been the busiest two months of our entire lives,” Frosk said. “It’s hard work and very gratifying. The response has been fantastic. We’ve been surprised at how good. It’s pretty cool.”

Images courtesy of The Bacon Truck. Truck design by Aaron Meshon.

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