Sip and Savor at Union Square’s Casa B

In the last year or so, Union Square has blossomed into a culinary hub, and one of the main attractions is Casa B. This nook of a restaurant serves inspired small plates that draw their flavors from Spanish Caribbean cuisine in a relaxing, romantic atmosphere.

I’ve been to Casa B (253 Washington St.) a couple of times and every meal there leaves me more impressed. The service is friendly, providing just enough guidance and attention that you’re never searching for someone but your meal feels uninterrupted. And while the bar is tiny, it’s top-notch. From a carefully curated wine list to craft cocktails, Casa B really delivers in the beverage department. Don’t miss the sangria, it’s dangerously delicious.

Casa B Front

Casa B is made for dates, but if you can round up a few more dining companions, I recommended it. The reason? You’ll get to try even more of the restaurant’s tasty creations because the small plates are meant to be shared. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much of the menu I’ve sampled, but I will say that every single dish was delicious and I’d order them all again.

On my most recent visit to Casa B, the tabla de ceviches was a highlight. Fresh and citrusy, this trio of ceviches went perfectly with the accompanying yucca chips. If seafood isn’t your thing, try the tabla de dips, a flavorful trio of vegetarian dips.

We only sampled one pincho (a meat or vegetable served over bread), but it was delightful. The sandwich de bistec featured tender vegetarian-fed beef tenderloin paired with sautéed onions and shallots with grandma’s ketchup. Our portion was served over a potato instead of the usual bread because one of our party eats gluten-free. Casa B offers many gluten-free and vegetarian options and was very helpful in accommodating our party’s special dietary needs.

The serrano ham and chorizo were beloved by all as were the salted cod fritters and fried oysters. Those last two seafood dishes were two of our favorites of the entire night.

Casa B Flatware

 Loved the tiny silverware at Casa B!

The sautéed wild mushrooms over potatoes is the definition of umami, while the crispy avocado rolls with prune and cilantro sauce are surprisingly light for being a fried dish. In fact, we commented again and again how each dish at Casa B truly let all of the fresh ingredients shine through without the heavy-handed use of butter or sauces. A true treat indeed!

There is a rotating dessert menu that features the perfect sweets to end your meal. Everything I’ve sampled has been delicious, so if you can’t decide, just close your eyes and point.

Casa B is the perfect place to enjoy a long, lingering meal that you won’t soon forget. Both the big and small details are well-executed, giving the restaurant a cohesive feel that makes you want to return again and again.

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