Soak Up Summer at Somerville StrEATs

Somerville is home to many incredible food businesses, from some of the region’s top restaurants and bars to beloved donuts, ice cream and brunch. And while some of the Boston area’s food trucks call Somerville home, whether they have brick and mortar restaurants here, operate out of our commercial kitchens or the owners live in Somerville, the city has lacked a regular place to grab a meal on wheels. That’s changing this summer with the introduction of Somerville StrEATs.

Food Trucks Frozen Hoagies

Every Tuesday evening throughout the summer several food trucks will be parking along the edge of Power House Square/Nathan Tufts Park to serve hungry ‘Villens their dinner. With the days getting hotter and the sun staying out until after 8 p.m., it’s the perfect time to let someone else do the cooking and have yourself a picnic for dinner.

I finally made it down to Somerville StrEATs last Tuesday, a beautiful, warm summer night. Since I spend most of my time in Somerville, I rarely get a chance to sample from Boston’s many food trucks, so it was quite a treat to have them put up shop less than a mile from my house. I walked down with my husband and friends to grab dinner and settle in the park for a bit.

Food Trucks Bon Me meal

Somerville StrEATs has a diverse line-up of trucks, some of which I’d never seen before. Each week diners will find Bon Me, Teri-Yummy, Papi’s Stuffed Sopapillas, Rami’s Food Truck and Frozen Hoagies (which also has a brick and mortar shop nearby in Somerville). While all of the trucks looked terrific, I can’t pass up a Bon Me rice bowl with tofu and a tea egg. Some of my dining companions opted for Teri-Yummy, a new-to-them truck and enjoyed their meals a lot. Thai Basil Limeade and Spicy Ginger Lemonade from Bon Me were the perfect complements to our meals on a steamy evening.

We found a shady spot to settle on our blanket and ate, caught up and enjoyed a stunning sunset. It was such a fun, relaxing and inexpensive way to spend a Tuesday evening. While Somerville StrEATs would appeal to nearly everyone, it seemed like the perfect place to bring kids, as evidenced by the many families enjoying a meal and the park. Strolling down to Somerville StrEATs, having several dinner options to please everyone’s palates and being able to spend as much time as we liked in the park made the experience feel so easy and carefree. The whole thing just screamed summer. And after last winter, I’m soaking up all these good weather vibes I can get.

Food Trucks crowd

Somerville StrEATs

Tuesdays starting at 5 p.m.
Powder House Square/Nathan Tufts Park
Check with the organizers for weather-related updates.

P.S. Apparently there’s usually a beer garden at Somerville StrEATs, so look for that next time you go!

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