Spindler Confections Crafts Classic Candies

Somerville is home to many innovative food businesses that are pushing the boundaries of flavors, textures and presentation, but sometimes you just want a classic caramel that with one bite takes you right back to childhood. Now you can buy those caramels, along with brittles and chocolates, locally from Jeremy Spindler of Spindler Confections.

Working in his licensed home kitchen near Porter Square, Spindler recreates the candies of his Midwestern youth using simple, quality ingredients. As a child, Spindler made lots of cookies and fudge with his mom and later taught himself how to make caramels, brittles and chocolates. Spindler’s candies are rooted both in the modern artisanal food movement and the tradition of old-fashioned candy making.

“I started making candy as a kid,” Spindler said. “People from the Midwest love sweets and have a big tradition of candy making.”

Spindler kept up his candy making into adulthood, but choose music theory and composition as a career path. During the economic crisis he found himself with less work and more time, so he started to think about turning his hobby into a business.

Spindler had been making candy for co-workers, friends and family for years and during the 2011 holiday season took paid orders from them to see whether he had a viable business idea. The overwhelming positive feedback he received helped fuel his venture.

“I got more of a response than I anticipated,” Spindler said. “I thought I should do this for ‘real,’ as a business.”

So Spindler embarked on the journey of getting his home kitchen licensed by the city of Somerville and with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, Spindler Confections was born earlier this year.

Spindler currently sells his candy on his website, though he’s happy to take orders over the phone or email.

“In a way I almost prefer the personal contact of email and phone,” Spindler said. He also hopes to appear at some of the local farmers markets with his sweets.

Spindler Confections offers a few varieties of caramels, such as those with nuts or nougat or covered with chocolate, plus brittles with peanuts, almonds, cashews or pecans as well as amaretto cherry cordials.

“I still like a lot of the old traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla,” Spindler said. He has plans to add things like fruit jellies and chocolates with cream centers as his business grows.

A Somerville resident for two years, Spindler is happy he started his business here.

“There’s such a trend going on now. Food is just going nuts in Somerville,” Spindler said. “It’s a good place, it’s up and coming.” Just like Spindler’s business itself.

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