Veggie Planet Serves Quick, Casual Meals

Harvard Square is teeming with restaurants of all kinds. Between Tory Row (European-American), Border Cafe (Mexican), Legal Seafood (fish + more), Mr. Bartley’s (burgers) and so much more (pizza, sushi, frozen yogurt/ice cream), you can pretty much eat any type of cuisine you’re craving. But sometimes you just want a simple, vegetarian meal that’s sure to please. Enter Veggie Planet.

Located in an unassuming basement that also houses Club Passim, Veggie Planet serves quick, casual vegetarian and vegan meals that are hearty enough to satisfy even the most committed omnivore.

The menu has an interesting format: it lists several options that you can have served as a pizza, on coconut rice or on brown rice. The meals are available in two sizes, both of which are substantial.

Unfortunately the pizza oven is out of commission right now, but Veggie Planet is doing pressed sandwiches on Iggy’s bread in the meantime, which almost makes up for it. Some menu items would clearly be better as pizzas, but everything really works in any combination and the two rices are very good, with subtle coconut flavor (white rice) and a nice chewiness (brown rice).

The Oddlot (below), a combination of tomatoes, spinach, tofu-basil mash, kalamata olives and fried garlic is really tasty and actually gets better the more the flavors mix. It’s great on  brown rice, but could definitely work as a pizza too. I really liked the texture of the tofu-basil mash, but beware that the garlic is potent, so don’t eat this on a first date!

The Safe & Sound (below) is a mixture of tomatoes, mozzarella and asiago cheeses, basil and fried garlic, which can be made “unsafe” by adding hot chili sauce. This was good served over coconut rice, but would definitely be better as a pizza, with all the melty cheese.

The real highlight of the meal was the dip appetizer, especially the romesco (roasted red pepper and almond). It was the best thing we ate all night and made me really want to order the Portobello Redhead (portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, rosemary and sage, romesco sauce and feta cheese).

Veggie Planet serves beer and wine and if you’re in luck, you might just hear that night’s musical act warming up while you’re eating. This place is no frills, has solid food and is a great option for a quick, casual meal in Harvard Square.

Veggie Planet
47 Palmer St., Cambridge


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