Where to Find Wi-Fi in Somerville

Working or studying at home is great, but sometimes, you need to shed the sweatpants (or not) and go out into the world to actually interact with other people. Knowing where to go isn’t always easy, beyond delicious coffee and treats, you’re probably also looking use the Internet. Well, I’ve got the lowdown on which cafes in Somerville have Wi-Fi and how you can access it. 

Union Square:

Bloc 11
11 Bow St.
$4.95/hour; $7.95/day; $13.95/month

Cafe Tango
16 Bow St.

Fortissimo Cafe
365 Somerville Ave.

Sherman Cafe
257 Washington St.
$4.95/hour; $7.95/day; $14.95/recurring subscription

Davis Square:

Blue Shirt Cafe
424 Highland Ave.
Free with $5 purchase

257 Elm St.
$4.95/hour; $7.95/day; $13.95/month

iYO Cafe
234 Elm St.
Free two-hour password with purchase

Johnny D’s
17 Holland St.

260 Elm St.

Highland Ave.:

3 Little Figs
278 Highland Ave.
Free Tuesday-Friday

Arts at the Armory Cafe
191 Highland Ave.

Ball Square:

Sound Bites
704 Broadway
Free for customers weekdays and at night

True Grounds
717 Broadway
Free for one hour

Spring Hill:

711-723 Somerville Ave.

Magoun Square:

Olde Magoun’s Saloon
518 Medford St.

Tavern on the Hill
499 Broadway

Did I miss any spots? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending an email to somervillebeat@gmail.com!

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