#somsnow15 Contest Headquarters

When we conceived the idea for the #somsnow15 contest, we had no idea how much you guys would love it. And we’re so glad it’s been such a hit. This has been a relentless winter and it’s been really fun to bring a bit of lightness into everyone’s lives through the contest.

To re-cap, we asked you to submit your guess by midnight on March 1 for when the giant snow pile in our backyard (pictured below) would melt. And guess you did! We received more than 250 #somsnow15 entries.

#somsnow15 11'9" side

We’re going to keep updating that document as time passes so you can see who’s still in the running to win our awesome prizes ($25 Union Square Donuts gift card, Somerville Beat stickers and, best of all, bragging rights). And we’ll keep you updated on the status of the pile by regularly posting photos of it on the Beat until it’s time to announce the winner.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. And good luck!

Key #somsnow15 Information:

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