8 Ways to Stay Active in the Winter in Somerville

We’re in the thick of winter right now, where the still-short days and chilly temperatures often keep us from venturing outside. You might also need a way to jumpstart some of those recently set new year’s resolutions. It’s easy to get stuck in the doldrums this time of year, but that usually just makes the situation seem even bleaker. Instead, I’ve got some ideas on how you can stay active (and have some fun) in Somerville this winter!

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Walk/run outside. I love being outside and try to get out whenever I can. This sometimes means bundling up a lot, but it’s always worth it. It’s not only good for your physical health, but it can do wonders for your mental health when you get a bit of cabin fever! And if you need a bit of motivation to get out the door, join RUNFELLOW, an all-abilities welcome run club for a three-five mile run in Somerville or Cambridge every Tuesday.

Join a gym. OK, so wearing four layers to take a walk isn’t everyone’s idea of fun and if it doesn’t suit you, I suggest joining a gym. There are tons of gyms and fitness centers in Somerville, so you’re likely to find someplace that suits your exercise needs. From Crossfit and traditional gyms like Boston Sports Club to women-focused, Cambridge-based Healthworks and locally owned Achieve Fitness and The Training Room, there’s something for everyone.

Go rock climbing. As the name implies, Brooklyn Boulders Somerville (12A Tyler St.) offers rock climbing and bouldering, but it also has yoga and cardio machines. There are programs for newbies and enough challenging climbs to keep experts coming back for more. And the facility itself is quite a sight, with murals and art adorning the walls, co-working spaces and a retail shop.

Go ice skating. Somerville offers several public ice skating sessions every week at Veterans Memorial Rink (570 Somerville Ave.). Ice skating is great exercise, it’s a lot of fun and free at Veterans (with skate rentals available for a small fee).

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Try Parkour. With classes offered in Somerville and throughout the metro Boston area daily for all ages and fitness levels, Parkour is a great workout for nearly everyone. This fun way to get fit can be done indoors or outdoors and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Attend a yoga class. This city is bursting with terrific yoga studios that offer a variety of classes for yogis of all levels. From prenatal yoga and meditation workshops to donation-based classes and teacher training, there’s a class, style and studio to suit everyone.

Go swimming. The Kennedy School (5 Cherry St.) has a pool in the basement that offers lap swimming several times per week. Swimming is a gentle way to get fit and it’s a great cross-training tool. The whole family can get in on it too with family swim or lessons for the kids. Going to the (warm) pool for a swim in the winter almost makes it feel like summer is just around the corner. Almost.

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Go skiing. OK, so you can’t ski in Somerville (though I once snowshoed to the Independent during a snowstorm), but you can hit the slopes in a matter of hours. I’ve written about some of my favorite places to ski that are within two hours of Boston and about where to ski, stay and eat in the White Mountains. Skiing and snowboarding are super fun ways to get some exercise and fresh air. And if downhill skiing isn’t your speed, try cross-country or snowshoeing for an energizing workout.

What are your favorite ways to stay fit and active during the winter?

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