Happy Birthday to the Beat!

Today is a very special day. It marks two years since I pressed publish on the Beat’s first post. In some ways that feels like a lifetime ago and in other ways it feels like just yesterday.

SB LogoI started the Beat because I noticed that things were happening in Somerville and wanted to know more about them. Businesses were springing up everywhere, new restaurants were opening every week and the city felt alive with special events, creative ventures and passionate people. Since then Somerville has only continued to bloom and flourish. And I’ve been lucky enough to have had a front row seat.

The people I’ve met, the streets I’ve discovered and the events I’ve been to are stitched into my head and my heart. Sometimes I just want to give this city a big hug. In a way, that’s what I feel like I do every time I press publish.

When I first conceived of the Beat, I had no idea whether anyone besides my family and friends would read it. Now thousands of people I have never met have visited the site. Thank you so much. I wouldn’t be doing this two years later without you.

To celebrate the Beat turning two, we’re working on some things behind the scenes to make the site even better. The most-loved part of the Beat from the beginning has been the event listings and we’ve got some ideas on how to make this feature really stand out. So stay tuned. Two years ago I had no idea what the Beat would become, now I can’t wait to see the the next two years bring.

See you around town,

P.S. It’s also my birthday tomorrow, so I’m taking this weekend off from posting events. But never one to leave you hanging, I’ll still have a fun post on Friday and be sharing events on Twitter!

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