Honoring Historic Somerville Through its Doors

Somerville is home to dozens of historic properties that have often had their period details preserved. In an effort to capture some of that history, Somerville-based TwoMamas Photography has teamed up with Historic Somerville to create a poster that will feature nine of the city’s most beautiful, unusual or unique doors.

The doors can be from any building, such as a house, school or church, and TwoMamas are asking Somervillians to help them locate the best ones. Once the doors have been selected, TwoMamas will shoot photos of them and create a poster, which will be sold to benefit Historic Somerville.

“We’re looking for cool doors with no personal information,” said Mandy DeBurro, one of the moms that makes up TwoMamas. She and Renee Scott, the other half of TwoMamas, have been driving around town to scout the best doors for the project. “It’s taken us down streets and paths that we hadn’t been down before or not in a long time.”

TwoMamas tends to focus mostly on portrait photography, so this project, which should be out sometime in the new year, is a nice way for DeBurro and Scott to try something new and help the community that they call home.

“Somerville is where we want to be,” Scott said. “It’s just a great place to raise kids. It feels like a small town.”

Indeed it was in Somerville that Scott and DeBurro met after both had just moved to Prospect Hill and had their first children. They became fast friends and the designated photographers of the neighborhood.

After organizing and creating a calendar featuring the Hill’s families, DeBurro and Scott decided to turn their budding photography hobby into a business. Thus, TwoMamas was born.

“It was serendipitous that we moved to the same neighborhood and were on the same track,” DeBurro said. “We have fun working together. We have a similar but complementary eye. Both being moms makes it helpful. We swap on and off.”

Scott added, “It’s fun and not stressful. It has really worked beautifully. It had to work with our kids.”

That TwoMamas is made up of two Somerville moms has been beneficial to them in getting work. Most of their clients come from the surrounding area, many from Somerville itself. DeBurro and Scott said many people tell TwoMamas they were selected because they’re local.

“Somerville moms are incredibly supportive of other moms and businesses,” DeBurro said. Scott added, “Somerville is very supportive for small businesses.”

This support is one reason TwoMamas wanted to work on the Somerville Doors project, to support the community that supports them.


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Photos must be in by January 1
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