Open Studios: Skunk

I was really excited to pull into Skunk’s Open Studio last weekend. For those who don’t know, he’s the leader of the SCUL bicycle squad, teaches welding at Artisan’s Asylum, and works at Seven Cycles. And when he’s not riding one of his crazy homemade bike-based ‘ships’ around, he builds robots.

Skunk’s art is heavy, literally. It’s made from discarded bike parts, bits and pieces, odds and ends. And his house is cool too. It’s like a junkyard from the year 2500. It’s equal parts steampunk and Star Wars. The good Star Wars, when it was a gritty universe with dirty ships and scoundrels.

At his Somerville studio, two gigantic robots greet you on the porch. They’re like transformers, hulking and huge, but somehow friendly. In his actual apartment was an assortment of robots, spaceships, weapons, and tons of little metal junk-lets.

I actually took a welding class at the Asylum in 2010, and when Skunk asked me if I’d welded anything lately, I admitted that I hadn’t. I told him I wasn’t sure what to weld yet. His advice: “Anything a magnet will stick to!”

Check out his site here: and follow him at @skunkadelia

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