Photos from a Somerville Snow Day

What a weekend! From a frenzied preparation for the storm and a very snowy and windy couple of days to digging ourselves out and the sun reappearing on Sunday morning, it was a whirlwind weekend. After shoveling for a few hours on Saturday, we ventured down into Union Square to see whether anyone else was out and found tons of people organized by the Artisan’s Asylum dancing, playing and celebrating the end of the storm.

Snow Day 2013

We then walked on Summer St. to Davis Square and encountered even more Somervillians eager to be outside after being trapped indoors since sometime on Friday. Highland Ave. was alive with people shoveling, snow-blowing and walking their dogs and we ended the day at Highland Kitchen surrounded by lots of people from the neighborhood trying to shed their cabin fever.

Snow Day 2013

I hope that however you spent the blizzard, you were safe and warm. And maybe even had a little fun!

Snow Day 2013

Here are a bunch of photos we took on our walk around the city on Saturday. If you recognize yourself or someone you know in any of them, feel free to tag away. And if you haven’t already liked the Beat on Facebook, we’d really appreciate it if you did so!

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