Pretty Things: E. Scott Handcrafts Original Jewelry

Emily Scott thought she wanted to work in advertising, but after completing a degree at Boston University, quickly realized she was “not a corporate person.” So she enrolled in the North Bennett Street School to learn the intricacies of jewelry making and launched e. scott originals. After working out of her home for two years, Scott moved operations to 199B Highland Ave. so she could showcase her collections and have a central meeting place for her custom clients.

“I’ve always been working with my hands. I was always building stuff with my dad and grandpa,” said Scott, a self-professed girly-girl. “But I didn’t want to be an artist because I’m too practical.”

So Scott started at North Bennett and learned everything she needed to know to create her handmade jewelry. Scott designs and fabricates everything right in her Highland Ave. store, releasing about two new collections per year–one in the fall/winter and one in the spring/summer–as well as designing a lot of custom pieces, mostly engagement rings and wedding bands. Look for Scott’s next collection, called Classic Originals, in mid-November.

When Scott creates something for a client she designs the piece based on their style, budget and preferences. Her own personal style is eclectic, drawing inspiration from Sailor Jerry tattoos, rebellious imagery and a classic 1950s-era aesthetic.

“I don’t like to be pegged as one thing,” Scott said. “I really like one-of-a-kind things. I really like making the first of anything.”

Most of Scott’s custom clients are seeking wedding bands or engagement rings. They want something unique and prefer to use someone local to get a more personal experience.

“People who seek me out want something handmade and local,” Scott said. “I definitely feel like people are getting more unique stuff, not from a big box store. If I’m working with a customer, I like it when they get really excited and into it.”

One of Scott’s favorite custom pieces that she’s created is a series of stackable rings full of diamonds that came from different people in the women’s family who she designed it for.

“It’s huge and it’s awesome,” Scott said. “It’s super funky. You can wear it a million different ways.”

As Scott’s business has grown, she’s taken on two interns who attend the North Bennett Street School. They help her in the shop and she helps them get the training they need to become jewelers themselves.

“I love having them here and it seems to be helping them as well,” Scott said. “There are a ton of jewelers around the area, but they aren’t trained like we are. Fine jewelry is a dying art.”

When Scott first moved to Somerville six years ago, a lot of her friends thought she was nuts. But she knew that the city was special.

“People are local-oriented and artistic,” Scott said. “It’s a very understanding community. Somerville people are more open to take a chance on something.”

While you might suspect a jeweler would be swamped around Valentine’s Day, Scott said that is actually one of her slower times of the year. “Somerville people do not believe in tradition.” Scott says that unorthodox vibe suits her just fine.

“I’m Somerville through and through,” said Scott. “It’s such a good community for someone like me.”


e. scott originals
199B Highland Ave.
Open Wednesday-Friday noon-7 p.m. // Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. (or by appointment)

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