Ball Square Fine Wines Teams Up with Angel’s Envy on Special Bourbon

Clear spirits like vodka and gin dominated the drink scene in the 1980s and ’90s, but the return of retro-inspired cocktails and a focus on local has given brown spirits a new lease on life. Ball Square Fine Wines is tapping into that with its exclusive, limited release Angel’s Envy Bourbon.

Angel’s Envy approached Ball Square Fine Wines about collaborating on a bourbon that would be specially blended for the store earlier this spring. After a few months of working to create just the right flavor profile, the spirit is now on sale at Ball Square Fine Wines (716 Broadway).

“I’ve always wanted to to do this,” said Nate Kruback, spirits buyer at Ball Square Fine Wines. “I loved Angel’s Envy to begin with. This is our first private label spirit.”

Angel’s Envy brought three batches of bourbon to Ball Square Fine Wines to use in crafting its exclusive blend. After mixing and matching them, Ball Square Fine Wines landed on just the right flavors for its private label bourbon, which was finished in port barrels.

“The three components had a little bit of time to marry,” Kruback said. “It brought the balance together.”

Ball Square Fine Wines’ Angel’s Envy Bourbon has only been on the shelves a short time, but to so far the response has been very positive. The bottles are available at the store and retail for only $39.99, a discount from the usual $47.99 Angel’s Envy price tag.

“We’ve got a decent supply now, but the response has been great,” Kruback said. “People have been really enthusiastic.”

Angel's Envy Bottle

While the private label bourbon is delicious on its own, Kruback said it also lends itself well to use in cocktails. He crafted two that are perfect for summer to show off the bourbon’s nutty, fruity flavors (recipes below).

“It’s a good cocktail component, but it’s good on it’s own too,” Kruback said. “It turns out it’s one of my favorite bourbons on the shelf.”

And those port barrels that Angel’s Envy used to finish the bourbon? They’re now being used by Idle Hands Craft Ales in Everett to make a private label beer that will be available at Ball Square Fine Wines later this year.

“Brewers demand barrels all the time,” Kruback said. “This way they are being re-used. It stays in the system.”

Want to sample some of Ball Square Fine Wines’ private label Angel’s Envy bourbon? The company will be at the store’s tasting station on Saturday, June 21 from 3 p.m.-5 p.m. serving up knowledge, history and bourbon.

Here are two cocktail recipes that Ball Square Fine Wines’ Spirits Buyer Nate Kruback says are the perfect way to sip the Angel’s Envy bourbon in the summertime:

Savannah Mule

½ ounce Koval Ginger
1½ ounces Angel’s Envy Bourbon
Mint leaves
Juice of ½ lime
½-1 bottle Fever Tree Bitter Lemon
Plenty of ice
Garnish with lime peel


½ ounce Art in the Age Rhubarb Tea
1½ ounces Angel’s Envy Bourbon
Juice of ½ lemon
Shake and garnish with a Luxardo cherry

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