BNTO: From Canning Jar to Lunchbox

The folks behind the wildly popular Cuppow, a plastic lid that makes it easier to drink from a canning jar, have done it again. The Somerville-based company recently debuted the BNTO and the positive reviews are already rolling in.

“It came across as a good partner product. We knew it would do well with our existing fans,” said Greg Ralich, operations manager at Cuppow. “It’s more an improvement than an invention. It’s more an adaptor than a standalone piece.”

BNTO product

The BNTO (like bento) is a small plastic cup that fits onto the top of a canning jar, effectively separating it into two compartments. No longer will you have to cart multiple containers around for lunch or snacks or suffer soggy salads or granola.

“Everything we do is based out of that really genuine desire to create something that we want to use and helps us lessen our footprint,” Ralich added.

To that end, the BNTO and the Cuppow are made of food-grade polypropylene that is free of BPA, phthalates and BPS and made in the United States. Both products focus on reducing waste by eliminating the need for throwaway single-use containers.

“We’re relying on so much disposable stuff that makes life easy but it’s not going to work with our planet, for the next generation and it’s really not going to work for the one after that,” Ralich said.

BNTO salad

As for what to use the BNTO for, Ralich suggests putting salads in the bottom of the jar and dressing in the BNTO or hummus on top with veggies on the bottom. One idea from the company’s website even shows people carrying cookies in the bottom and milk in the top. And while it’s made for food, Ralich said he’s got one on his desk holding rubber bands on the bottom and thumbtacks on top.

“It’s an attractive way to display something,” Ralich said. “It’s really, really useful stuff. You can do more with less.”

And though the product has only been out for a couple of weeks, Ralich said the orders have been rolling in and the company is eager to see how purchasers use their BNTOs.

“The audience that we’ve built up has that nerve hit for Cuppow and they’ve latched onto it. They really like this too. They like that they’re getting more use out of it and can do more with what you’ve got,” Ralich said.

Images courtesy of Cuppow.

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