Farmers Market Meals: Golden Onion Broth

Every month the locavore chefs at Cuisine en Locale whip up a special recipe for Somerville Beat readers focusing on seasonal ingredients. Below you’ll find what’s cooking in November.

This rich, flavorful broth can be enjoyed as its own dish, or it can serve as a base for a number of other soups and stews. This recipe makes two quarts of broth.

RubyGolden Onion Broth

2 large leeks, cut into ¼-inch half moon slices
2 large white onions, diced
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 small bunch scallions (white and green portion), chopped
3 tablespoons butter
Chicken or vegetable stock
6 chive stalks, minced for garnish
Pinch of thyme

Cleaning leeks:
The most cumbersome part of this recipe is properly cleaning the leeks. First cut the root end and the tough green section off the leeks. Slice the leek lengthwise, then cut quarter-inch cross sections. Soak the cut leeks in water, replacing the water several times, until no grit is left at the bottom. Spin the leeks in a salad spinner to remove excess water.

Making the broth:
Start by sweating the leeks in a sauté pan over medium heat with one tablespoon of butter, one-third of the garlic, a pinch of salt and a pinch of thyme. Cook the leeks until they are soft and light brown in color. Don’t allow them to caramelize by avoiding high temperatures. Remove leeks from pan.

Repeat this cooking process for the white onions, and scallions separately.

Puree the leeks, onions and scallions leaving some texture to the mixture. Thin the puree with stock to reach the desired consistency. Season with salt and pepper to taste, and garnish with chives. Serve hot.

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