Life Alive: Food That Makes You Feel Good

As you’ve probably noticed, I absolutely love eating really delicious food, often of the vean/vegetarian variety. So I was really excited when a vegetarian friend from college wanted to get lunch and was eager to try Life Alive in Cambridge’s Central Square, as it’s one of my favorite restaurants. The cafe bills itself as an “urban oasis & organic cafe” and it definitely lives up to that description!

Upon entering Life Alive, you’re greeted with windows full of beautiful plants and other bits, like rocks in the shape of hearts (pictured below). You place your order at the counter and then are free to sit up or downstairs (they also have a couple of outside tables) while you wait for them to bring your eats. We didn’t get any booze (it was lunchtime), but Life Alive does sell alcohol and has a good beer and wine selection.

The counter is full of delicious-looking teas, speciality cookies and just behind it is a huge pile of vegetables. The food is incredibly fresh! We retired downstairs where there are cozy couches and lots of tables. There are even tiny tables and chairs for little kids. The walls are adorned with really fun art.

I usually always get a juice, which come in cute mason jars. I often get the Thrive Alive, a mixture of apple, carrot and ginger that is so refreshing! But I decided to branch out and try the Hive Alive, a combination of lemon, honey, apple and water. It was also fantastic! (Both are pictured below.)

I always get the same thing at Life Alive, the Goddess Bowl, which is a mixture of tofu, brown rice, carrots, beets, broccoli and dark greens doused in Ginger Nama Shoyu dressing. It’s warm and filling and oh so yummy–truly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!

The Miso Masterful, a big bowl of steaming soup containing Bragg’s Aminos, sesame seeds, broccoli, dark greens, carrots, seaweed, mushrooms and udon noodles, is also delicious. The Fool, a mixture of udon noodles, shiitake mushrooms, tofu, kale, onions, carrots and sesame seeds in a sesame ginger marinade, is also a great choice!

I absolutely love Life Alive, the whole vibe of the place is so calming and the food and juices are delicious. I always feel incredibly energized after eating there and I often find inspiration for things to make in my own kitchen!

Life Alive
765 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge MA 02139
(Also in Salem and Lowell!)

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