Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Community Supported Chocolate Program

Many small farms run community supported agriculture (CSA) programs as a way to distribute their produce and help maintain a balanced budget in a business where weather, pests and other unpredictable forces can ruin a year’s crop. I’ve participated in a CSA, but until last week I had never heard of a community supported chocolate (CSC) program. It’s a new venture for Elaine Hsieh and Catharine Sweeney, the women behind EHChocolatier, who make their gourmet confections right here in Somerville.

Elyse Andrews/Somerville Scout

EHChocolatier makes all of its chocolate in small batches, ensuring freshness and quality and the CSC will be a way to bring their treats to an even wider audience.

“We felt that this would be a great opportunity to offer a fresh mix of our chocolates to the local community in a way that is not available through our usual online store and the retail shops that carry our products, said Hsieh (pictured above).  “We miss not having that direct experience with our customers that we would normally have with our own retail store, and thought this would be a way to connect to all those chocolate lovers out there in Boston.  Also, why not try something new?  It’s never been done in this way and like CSAs, it’s a way for the community to support small food producers such as ourselves.”

The chocolate shares will feature sweets like pecan clusters, rochers, blood orange caramel, toffee almond, bonbons and chocolate chews. Interested chocolate lovers can sign up for the full season, which will run from October 2012 to March 2013, or try the autumn season (October to December) or the winter season (January to March).

EHChocolatier is accepting pre-paid memberships now, with an option to pick up shares monthly or bi-weekly. The cost per pick up is $20, so a full season with monthly pick-up costs $120 or an autumn season with monthly pick-up costs $60 (this would double to $120 with the bi-weekly pick-up option). For convenience, pick-up locations are spread throughout the Boston area, with EHChocolatier’s Somerville kitchen acting as one as well as Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis Square.

Hsieh said that since EHChocolatier announced the CSC, the response has been incredibly positive. As she said, “Who wouldn’t want a steady supply of chocolates directly from the chocolatiers?”


EHChocolatier Community Supported Chocolate Program
Now enrolling for the autumn, winter and full seasons
More Information: or 617.284.6096

P.S. I first covered EHChocolatier earlier this year, click here to read more about their delicious business!

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