Veggie Friendly Restaurants in Somerville

Somerville is home to many great restaurants and several of the best also cater to vegetarian/vegan eaters. Here are some of my favorites …

True Bistro
A real hiddden gem in Teele Square, True Bistro is an entirely vegan restaurant with a menu and wine list to die for. The menu changes seasonally (though some hits stick around longer), so there’s always something new and yummy to try. Don’t miss the desserts!

Dosa Temple
Relatively new to Somerville, Dosa Temple serves authentic South Indian vegetarian meals on Somerville Ave. Many menu items are also vegan.

Blue Shirt Cafe
While not strictly a vegetarian eatery, Blue Shirt Cafe in Davis does have many vegetarian offerings. The cafe also serves up healthy juices, smoothies and breakfast options. (Plus it has free Wi-Fi!)

Martsa on Elm
A Himalayan/Nepalese restaurant in Davis, Martsa on Elm offers many vegetarian and vegan meal options. Your tastebuds are in for a treat and the restaurant now serves alcohol.

With no set menu, Journeyman in Union offers five- or seven-course tastings featuring food from local farms and artisans with an omnivore or herbivore option.

Bloc 11 and Diesel Cafe
Part of the same restaurant group, both Bloc 11 in Union and Diesel Cafe in Davis offer several menu items that cater to vegetarians (and could be made vegan with the omission of cheese in many cases). Try the curry tofu salad and the tempeh sandwich at Bloc 11, you won’t be disappointed!

Eat at Jumbo’s
A casual eatery in Ball Square popular with Tufts students and local residents alike, Eat at Jumbo’s serves pizza, burgers and sandwiches that will satisfy meat eaters and veggie lovers alike. With tons of vegan and vegetarian options, including seitan, lactose-free cheese and even animal-product-free sweets, you’ll never go hungry at Jumbo’s.

P.S. Looking for more veggie goodness? Check out Veggie Galaxy and Life Alive, which are all located just over the border in Cambridge!


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