Wine and Dine at Davis Square’s Spoke

I’ve been impatiently waiting for Spoke Wine Bar (89 Holland St.) to open its doors since I interviewed owner Felisha Foster way back in October. And now that I’ve been to Spoke, I can say that the wait was well worth it. Spoke is truly a breath of fresh air in Davis Square.

We opted to sit at the bar, which really added to our experience. The bartenders helped us select our wines, letting us taste several before deciding on one to drink. I’ve never had such attentive service when drinking wine by the glass. Being able to sample and discuss the wines with the bartenders made them feel very accessible. And in case you’re not an oenophile, Spoke also has a well-curated selection of beer and cocktails.

Spoke Burrata

After checking out Spoke’s menu, we decided to make a meal of the evening. We started with some of the smaller bites, selecting the chickpea-herb spread and peekytoe crab crostini. The creamy, bright chickpea-herb spread was served with seedy flatbread that we devoured in minutes. And the crab crostini was the perfect two or three bite appetizer to prepare your palate for the next course without ruining your appetite.

Next we sampled the burrata (pictured above), which came with a medley of carrots, currants, onions and herbs. While all the food we ate at Spoke was delicious, I think this dish truly stole the show. All of the components went so well together, complementing, rather than competing, with each other.

Spoke Crudo

We also dined on the crudo (pictured above), which was fresh and light. I loved the addition of hazelnuts, which added a nice crunch and a little richness to the dish. The steak tartare was declared “the best ever,” primarily because of its perfect texture. And the spring vegetable crudite was a refreshing pile of crisp, fresh produce paired with bright dressings that enhanced, rather than masked the flavor of the vegetables.

Instead of sweets, we ended the evening with the three-cheese plate. The cheeses themselves were divine and were paired with spiced nuts and an apricot spread. It was a lovely end to a delicious meal.

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