Odysseo: A Spectacular Show Under the Big Top

It seems that all of Boston has been buzzing about the giant white tent at Assembly Row since it was erected earlier this summer. And with good reason, as it houses Cavalia’s Odysseo, a circus like no other featuring dozens of horses and humans performing incredible feats.

When Odysseo first opened in Somerville a few weeks ago, I couldn’t make it to any of the shows. Luckily the schedule was extended and I nabbed tickets as soon as I saw it would be sticking around for a bit longer. I’m so glad I did because it was truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Cavalia Stage

One of Odysseo’s creators is a co-founder of Cirque du Soleil, which I’ve been fortunate enough to see a couple of times. The acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil are always awe-inspiring, so I had high hopes for Odysseo, especially since this show would include horses performing alongside humans.

The two-hour show travels through time all over the world, showing horses and humans together in various environments. Accompanied by beautiful live music, Odysseo was totally captivating. And while the horses were stunning in their grace and strength, I thought the true stars of the show were the humans who corralled them, performed mind-blowing acrobatics and executed lively dance routines.

Cavalia Tent Inside

In addition to the spectacular show, I couldn’t believe that this is a traveling circus where the enormous white tent with its concessions, seating for 2,000 people and large, ever-changing stage are taken down and put back together regularly. That in and of itself was impressive!

As of right now, Odysseo is in town through Sunday, September 22 and tickets range in price from $49.50-$249.50 for adults, $44.50-$224.50 for juniors (13-17) and seniors (65-plus) and $34.50-$174.50 for children (2-12). Be prepared to shell out another $10 for parking. And as for where to sit, we were up pretty high and felt that we had a great view of the whole show, so I don’t think there’s a really bad seat in the house.

Have you been to see Odysseo? What did you think?

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