Photos from PorchFest 2012

I hope you got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend and listen to some of the fantastic bands that were playing around Somerville as part of PorchFest.

We began our afternoon on Prospect Hill where we listened to The Pennies, Sheboom and Opposite People. We meandered through the city, stopping at the Community Growing Center and at houses on School Street, Avon, Highland and near the bike path.

I not only loved hearing all of the great music, but also seeing so many fellow Somervillens take to the streets to stroll around and support each other. It was a terrific afternoon in the community and I can’t wait until it comes around next year!

What was your favorite part of PorchFest … or the weekend in general?

P.S. Hear what The Pennies and Sheboom sounded like.

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