Somerville Open Studios 5.4-5.6

One of my favorite weekends of the year in Somerville is upon us: Open Studios! And for the first time ever, you can kick things off early by visiting some of the artists on Friday night (May 4).

Art from Open Studios

More than 400 artists are participating in Open Studios and in addition to more traditional art, there will also be a fashion show called Beyond the Pattern at the Somerville Theater on Saturday (May 5, free with reservation) and Spoken Word on the Trolley with performances in poetry, story-telling and humor on Sunday (May 6).

Speaking of the trolley, it’s a free service that runs every 20 minutes to ferry Open Studios attendees to stops along the route.

I’ve really enjoyed visiting the Vernon Street Studios during past Open Studios weekends because you can see so many amazing artists all in one place and the building itself is very cool. But there are many creative, innovative destinations all over town, including at the Armory on Highland Ave.

Pro Tips:

  • Pick up an Open Studios brochure–the map inside is critical to success.
  • Hydrate–the forecast is a little dicey right now, but you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking and talking, so drink up and you’ll be able to go all day.
  • Eat out–Somerville is home to many great restaurants and this is the perfect chance to hit an old favorite or try a new spot.
  • Wander–if you live in Somerville, you probably know the area well and it may seem that you’ve walked, biked or driven down every street at one time or another, but I can almost guarantee that by going down some random streets, you’ll find cool artists and new neighborhoods.


  • Who: Local artists + residents
  • What: Somerville Open Studios
  • Where: All over Somerville
  • When: May 4 (6 p.m.-9 p.m.), 5 & 6 (noon – 6 p.m.)
  • Why: Because it’s really fun to see all of the creative stuff happening right in our backyard and to support local artists!
  • More Information: Open Studios

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