Taste of Somerville Serves Up Delicious Dishes

Somerville is home to dozens of great restaurants and on Tuesday night, more than 30 gathered at the Holiday Inn on Washington Street to showcase their culinary delights at the Taste of Somerville. The ballrooms where the event was held were packed with hungry Somervillains ready to sample some of the best food and drink our city has to offer. And they were not disappointed by the delicious offerings!

Unfortunately it was impossible to sample everything, but a few stand-outs for me were the chicken enchiladas from Olde Magoun’s Saloon, the plantain pincho and cucumber soup from Casa B, the spicy chicken gumbo from Highland Kitchen, the lobster ravioli from Mt. Vernon Restaurant, the deviled eggs from Saloon, the fried green tomatoes from Orleans and the cheese and wine from Ball Square Wines, among many other delicious dishes. For dessert, I loved the oreo cake batter ice cream from J.P. Licks!

The event wasn’t just a way to bring the people of Somerville together over food, it also raised money to support RESPOND, a Somerville agency that pioneered the movement to end domestic violence. The organization continues to work tirelessly at that effort today.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s event and trying some of the restaurants I sampled for full dinners and lunches in the meantime!

What were your favorite parts of the Taste of Somerville?

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